【Progressive Lens Centre】Caring for the vision needs of your parents

As we grow up, the parents around us are also getting older, their visions begin to lose clarity. The daily activites such as cooking, reading newspaper, and watching phone are all affected. However, it is very common to have presbyopia at older ages. As long as you are equipped with suitable progressive lenses, a pair of glasses can meet your vision needs in the distance, middle and near. Without the trouble of frequently changing glasses, no one would knows your secret! To ensure your parents have clear and comfortable vision, take them to OPTICAL 88 Progressive Lens Centre to experience our service!

【Progressive lens】OPTICAL 88 progressive lens free telephone consultation

Would you like to know if the progressive glasses you are currently wearing is suitable for you?

OPTICAL 88 offers you a 1-to-1 free telephone consultation service. Progressive lens consultant will answer your questions about wearing progressive lenses in order to understand your vision needs and the comfort of wearing existing progressive lenses. We will also give you advice for comfort improvement.

Meanwhile, you can experience an one-stop personal solution via various advanced equipment and unique fitting methods at OPTICAL 88 Progressive Lens Centre. It helps you to adapt the progressive lenses quickly and bring you a new visual experience.

Appoint for free telephone consultation service : https://bit.ly/34QKPQM
Service hours: 2:30pm to 6:50pm (Sunday to Friday)
Telephone consultation time is 20 minutes, first come first served

The progressive lens experience offer is only applicable to the Queen’s Road Central branch in Central.