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【Company Info】OPTICAL 88 x EcoDrive Plastic Recycle Programme

香港每年大約有 2,100 噸塑膠被丟棄到堆填區,對環境同生態造成嚴重破壞。OPTICAL 88 今次與 EcoDrive Hong Kong 合作,回收眼藥水樽、眼藥水瓶及隱形眼鏡包裝,實行循環再造,護眼同時愛護地球!

1. 移除塑膠包裝上的錫紙/ 標籤
2. 倒清液體抹乾淨
3. 帶到 OPTICAL 88 指定回收點♻ :https://bit.ly/2W1BMZz



了解EcoDrive的Start Small Start Now 行動:http://www.ecodrivehk.com


【Hearing Care News】”New Function”

hearing care

“Mask Mode” in Hearing Aids

It is common that sometimes we cannot hear clearly from other when we are wearing a mask, it increases the difficulties of communication, especially brings trouble to the peoples with hearing loss. This is because their key communication method rely on watching facial expression and mouth shape to understand the speech. The mask may block the face and also blur the voice volume, in this situation, their daily communication may be affected certainly.

To cope with this issue, Signia Xperience launches a new “mask mode” on their hearing aids which try to eliminate the communication barriers of hearing impaired people under the mask. Users can select the mode in the Signia app, and the hearing aids is able to reduce the background noise and optimize the speech automatically. It helps the hearing-impaired person to understand the content the conversation easily!