Professional Eyecare Services

Professional Eyecare Services

Professional Eyecare Centre

Although your eyes are the windows to the beauty of the world, people seldom appreciate the importance of conducting regular comprehensive eye examination that can help to identify common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal problems. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, these eye diseases can permanently damage our vision.

Optical 88 is committed to delivering high-quality service to our customers and is highly concerned over the overall health of their eyes. The Optical 88 Professional Eyecare Centre was established to provide comprehensive eye examination and eyecare services, and educate the public about the importance of eye health and regular eye check ups.

Our Children’s Myopia Control Consultation Service focuses on tackling the issues of Asian children having a higher rate of myopia, as well as developing it at an earlier age. We provide myopic children and their parents with professional examinations and advices, offering tailored treatments to aim at slowing down their myopia progression. Prevention is better than cure. Since high myopia is a cause for many ocular diseases that could lead to blindness, parents should arrange timely examination and treatment for their children who are diagnosed with myopia.

Our Centres are managed by registered optometrists (Part I) who are qualified to use diagnostic drugs, and equipped with sophisticated equipment for conducting comprehensive eye examinations. Optometrists will provide professional advice and eyecare tips that cater to the individual needs of each customer.


一般電子屏幕會產生過多藍光,例如我哋每日都會長時間對住嘅電腦、智能手機或者遊戲機都有。藍光能量強,穿透性高,容易引起眼睛不適,甚至有機會造成傷害。BLUE BLOCK 抗藍光平光眼鏡可以有效阻隔藍光,最適合戴CON又或者係無近視嘅你!無論係上班一族、學生或長者都適合佩戴,幫你舒緩藍光帶嚟嘅眼睛疲勞同不適!

OPTICAL 88專業護眼中心

視力清晰,不代表眼睛一定健康! 來OPTICAL 88專業護眼中心,我們的眼科視光師會細心為您進行全面的眼科視光檢查,以專業儀器仔細檢視眼外至眼內的結構健康,驗出不易察覺的眼疾,甚至幫您檢視身體問題!




視力清晰,不代表眼睛一定健康! 來OPTICAL 88 專業護眼中心,我們的眼科視光師會細心為您進行全面眼科視光檢查,以專業儀器仔細檢視眼外至眼內的結構健康,驗出不易察覺的眼疾,甚至幫您檢視身體問題!