Selected Transitions T8 Lens Up to 50% Off

Selected Transitions T8 Lens Up to 50% Off

4 Days Only (19-22 Mar)


1.56 Aspheric Photochromic Lens

HK$940/MOP$978 (Original HK$1,880/MOP$1,956)


1.6 Aspheric Photochromic Lens

HK$1,428/MOP$1,484 (Original HK$2,380/MOP$2,476)


1.5 Photochromic Progressive Lens

HK$1,090/MOP$1,138 (Original HK$2,180/MOP$2,276)


1.6 Photochromic Progressive Lens

HK$2,448/MOP$2,552 (Original HK$4,080/MOP$4,256)


Terms & Condition:

  1. Offer is applicable to selected model of transitions lens and require mandatory purchase of frame with full payment; lens are applicable to selected power range. For details, please check with our staff.
  2. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts (including VIP, Credit Card & Lens Coupon).
  3. OPTICAL 88 LIMITEDreserves the right to suspend, amend and terminate the offers, and change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice
  4. In case of dispute,OPTICAL 88 LIMITED reserves the rights for final decision.