New Balance - 眼鏡88 OPTICAL 88


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New Balance

Fearlessly independent since 1906, New Balance has never shied away from standing out. Never content to follow the well trodden path, New Balance has made its own unique mark on the sports world, constantly evolving and improving its fitness gear and updating its classic look with bold style that celebrates the brand’s heritage. You can make your own unique mark with the brand’s new optical and sunglasses collection, in vibrant colours with distinctive details that stand out and demand attention.

New Balance

The comfortable, light-weight NB09087 is the perfect choice for youngsters who are constantly on the move, its fun bright look adding to the dynamic experience.

The new eyewear collection made just for kids goes beyond fun looks and vibrant colours by adding special features tailored to an active and adventurous childhood. For NB09222X , parents can optimise the fit of their child’s frames, even during those surprise growth spurts, thanks to adjustable end-tips that can be lengthened over time (up to 15mm in total) to allow frames to ‘grow’ with the child instead of needing replaced .