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Our Story

Have been standing by Hong Kong for over 30 years, OPTICAL 88 preserves every beautiful moment in your eyes.







OPTICAL 88: Stand by Hong Kong since 1988

Founded in 1988, OPTICAL 88 has been rooting in Hong Kong for over 30 years and now owns the largest professional optical retail network. We see your eyes as the key to soul and entrance to the world. With a mission to preserve the best moment in your life, we strive to guard your vision health.

We pursue perfection and excellence by enhancing our service and expanding the business over years. Other than the well-known eyewear retail business, we have established Professional Eyecare and Hearing Care Centres where various comprehensive examinations and assessments are designed for you and family of all ages, including Comprehensive Eye Examination, Myopia Control Consultation, Progressive Lens Experience and Hearing Assessment, etc.

眼鏡88 守護香港30年



Our Business


Retail Business

With years of customer serving experience, sharp market insight and continuous support from our business partners, OPTICAL 88 offers you a board and of diverse choice of lenses, frames and sunglasses, from world-renowned international brands to local brands; fashion to functional eyewear; modern to classy designs.

In the era of digital, our business continuously goes digital, developing e-shop and allowing you to buy our products and make appointment online.

Vision Care

We value your vision health. As a leader of the industry, OPTICAL 88 Professional Eyecare Centre provides you various eye examinations. For example, Comprehensive Eye Examinations detect early signs of general eye diseases; Myopia Control Consultations provide professional advices and feasible treatment for children who suffer from short-sightedness at early age to prevent rapidly progressing myopia.



除了視力,我們深信聽覺同樣重要,擁有良好的聽力能讓您與家人和朋友有更好的溝通。為提高大眾對保護聽覺的重要性和了解聽力 狀況,我們現時全港共有9間「眼鏡88聽覺護理中心」,藉先進儀器和設備提供聽覺檢查及助聽器驗配等服務。保護您和家人的聽力,讓您更深擁 抱人生的每段美好。





Hearing Care

Vision and hearing are equally important. Good hearing ability is vital for building good communications and relationships with families and friends. To raise public awareness of hearing health, we have founded OPTICAL 88 Hearing Care Centre. With the advanced audiological equipment, Hearing Assessment and Hearing Aids Evaluation are served to preserve you and your family’s hearing so as to embrace every beauty in your life!

Our Team and Leading Technologies

Our team is comprised of Hong Kong registered optometrists, professional audiologists and passionate talents in operations, marketing and merchandising. With high-standard and systematic training, our team is dedicated to provide the best-in-class customer experience and after-sales support. Our high-quality and customer-oriented service has won us the best service awards over years and recognition as a leader in the industry.



Upholding the spirit of innovation, we believe technology could take our services to a new level. With AI and the innovative analyzing devices and tools, OPTICAL 88 offers more accurate checking results within a shorter period of time. We hope to assist you and your family in earlier detection to prevent severe illness.

同時,我們深信「工欲善其事,必先利其器」,因此亦不斷引入先進的驗眼/驗耳的儀器,以人工智能及創新科技,於 短時間為您初步檢測眼睛/ 耳朵潛在的毛病。透過準確及快速的檢測,及早發現眼睛/ 耳朵毛病,防患未然。


作為全港最大的專業眼鏡零售店,我們的零售網絡覆蓋港九、新界,門市接近70間。經過多年的努力及發展,分店遍佈 中國及東南亞地區,包括澳門、新加坡、泰國及馬來西亞,總數接近200家。而多間專業服務中心亦相繼落成,現時全 港共有3間「眼鏡88專業護眼中心」及9間「聽覺護理中心」。今年,我們更將業務延伸至網上,進一步連結科技與零 售及專業服務。透過「眼鏡88網上商店」,您可以在網上購買眼鏡88的貨品或預約檢查服務。